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Sharing a cuppa with Keanu Reeves

Canadians love their cup of joe — and they love it even more when they can share with someone else, especially if that person is famed Canadian actor Keanu Reeves. This according to a new survey that reveals Canada’s coffee-drinking habits.

Commissioned by Melitta Canada through Campaign Research, the survey found that nearly one in five (18%) of Canadians chose Reeves as their dream coffee companion, followed by Ryan Reynolds (13%), Shania Twain (12%) and Justin Trudeau (11%). A total of 60% of Canadians prefer enjoying a cup with someone else. And, although drinking coffee with a celebrity would be cool, nearly one-third of Canadians prefer to share a cup with their partner, with the vast majority of Canadians (96%) saying the perfect cup of coffee is made at home.

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