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Majority of Canadians say new technologies are vital for the health of the country

Technology was indispensable before the pandemic. Now, it’s inescapable. We shop online for groceries, visit the doctor virtually and roam through museums digitally. While some workers may be battling Zoom fatigue after 14 months of online meetings, a new survey has revealed that Canadians’ collective enthusiasm for technology remains undiminished.

A poll of 2,880 adults across Canada, conducted last month by Campaign Research on behalf of the Innovation Economy Council, found that most Canadians feel technology has improved their lives and support further investments in innovative industries. In fact, most Canadians report feeling comfortable with technology and many say it’s the most effective way to combat climate change, says Richard Ciano, a principal at Campaign Research.

A poll of 2,880 Canadian adults found most rated an education in STEM subjects (science, technology, math or engineering) as an important pathway to a well-paying career. DREAMSTIME | Photo from Toronto Star


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