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KINSELLA: Pollsters give Trudeau narrow election edge over O'Toole

Like, what the hell is going on? With the polls, that is.

A few weeks ago, some surveys were showing Justin Trudeau’s Liberals with double-digit leads — in one case, as much as 15 points. Fifteen points!

Justin Trudeau was cruising towards a big Parliamentary majority, they said. Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives were toast. Done like dinner. Blah blah blah.

Then, with no warning, a bunch of pollsters radically revised their assessments. Trudeau’s big lead was gone! Poof! The Grits and the Tories were just about tied!

Mainstreet: Trudeau is only ahead by two points. Ipsos: six points. Leger: three points, or five points (take your pick). Angus Reid Institute insisted the gap was now three points.

So, what’s the truth? What’s the skinny? Who’s on first?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, left, and Conservative Party Leader Erin O'Toole.



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