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Majority of Canadians favour a mix of public and private health care

In the seventh wave of the Campaign Research Poll, a national online public opinion survey conducted among a sample of 1770 Canadian voters, more than half (54%) described our health care system as good (42%) or excellent (12%). A third of Canadians describe it as fair (31%), while 1 in 10 (11%) describe it as poor. Seeing the system as excellent is especially common among the youngest (22%), males (16%) rather than females (9%), in Alberta (19%), in Ontario outside the GTA (16%), among Liberals (18%) and among the least wealthy (17%). Seeing the system as poor is common to the oldest (55+ - 15%), those in Quebec (18%) the least wealthy (less than $20,000 - 18%).


The majority of Canadians desire a public health care system with private options and insurance (53%), while one third select a completely public system with no private options (33%). Very few choose a completely private system with private insurance (4%). Preference for a mixed system is especially common among the young (25 to 34 - 57%), females (56%) rather than males (50%), in BC (59%), among Conservatives (66%) and among the very wealthiest ($100K to $250K - 60%). Favouring a completely public system with no private component is common to the mid aged (35 to 44 - 38%) and the oldest (37%), males (38%) rather than females (29%), in Quebec especially (39%), among New Democrats (38%), Liberals and Greens (37% each) and among the less wealthy (under $40K - 40%).

“It is clear that a majority of Canadians desire more choice when it comes to their health care coverage. This desire transcends partisan politics as a majority from all three main parties want a mix of public and private coverage.” said Eli Yufest, CEO of Campaign Research. Eli may be reached at or at (647) 931 4025, ext. 109


This online poll was conducted between September 8 and 11, 2017 among a panel of 1770 Canadian voters. A probability sample of this size would have a margin of error of plus or minus 2.3%, 19 out of 20 times.

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