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Canadians Support a Tax on Sugary Drinks, Inclusiveness, Social Tolerance and Diversity

In the seventh wave of the Campaign Research Poll, a national online public opinion survey conducted among a sample of 1770 Canadian voters, the social values which attracted the most support are animal rights (84% support) and vaccination (84% support). After these two, there are a host of social values widely supported by Canadians including wind farms (73% support), assisted dying (72%), bilingualism (71%), same sex marriage (68%), transgender rights (67%), sex education in primary schools (66%), abortion (65%), the theory of evolution (64%) and immigration (64%).

Other values that a majority of Canadians support include oil pipelines (51%), refugee rights (51%) and a tax on sugary soft drinks and fast food (50%).

Social values which attract minority support include private health care (46%), the death penalty (46%), capitalism 43%, unisex washrooms (43%), socialism (40%), prostitution (30%), pornography (27%) or the right to bear arms (26%).

Social values which are strongly rejected include trickle-down economics (24% support), eugenics (11% support), polygamy (10% support) or communism (9% support).

“Canadian opinions appear to support inclusiveness, social tolerance and diversity. The degree of consensus among Canadians in many areas of conscience and personal value may be stronger than we generally imagine.” said Eli Yufest, CEO of Campaign Research. Eli may be reached at or at (647) 931 4025, ext. 109


This online poll was conducted between September 8 and 11, 2017 among a panel of 1770 Canadian voters. A probability sample of this size would have a margin of error of plus or minus 2.3%, 19 out of 20 times.

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