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Majority Support Cannabis Control Board of Ontario

In the seventh wave of the Campaign Research Poll, an online public opinion omnibus survey conducted among a sample of 1133 Ontario voters, the majority support legal marijuana being sold through the Cannabis Control Board of Ontario (CCBO - 51%), while just one third oppose the idea (35%). About one seventh have no opinion (14%). The idea is especially supported by the youngest (18 to 24 - 66%), outside the GTA (54%) rather than in Toronto (48%), among provincial Liberals (68%) and Greens (63%) and among those in mid-income groups ($40K to $60K - 54%). Opposition is characteristic of the oldest (65+ - 49%) and provincial Conservatives (54%). Past year users of marijuana are far more likely to approve of the CCBO idea (77%) than those who have not (44%).


One quarter of Ontario voters see CCBO stores as the best places to retail recreational marijuana (24%), followed closely by dispensaries (19%). The LCBO is not seen as appropriate (10%) nor are convenience stores (2%). One quarter are opposed to selling marijuana anywhere (23%). Retailing in CCBO stores is especially popular among the mid aged (35 to 44 - 28%), females (26%) more than males (21%), outside the GTA (26%), among provincial Liberals (31%) and New Democrats (29%) and among the wealthy ($80K to $100K - 27%). Those who have used marijuana in the past year are much more likely to prefer dispensaries for retail (44%) than other options.

“While the government’s marijuana retailing plan has taken a beating in the media, it appears it’s actually popular with the voting public, and especially with those who already use marijuana. The government appears to be on the right side of the issue with their marijuana retail launch plans.” said Eli Yufest, CEO of Campaign Research. Eli may be reached at or at (647) 931 4025, ext. 109


This online poll was conducted between September 8 and 11, 2017 among a panel of 1133 Ontario voters. A probability sample of this size would have a margin of error of plus or minus 2.9%, 19 out of 20 times.

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