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National majority wants government involved in housing market

In the third national wave of the Campaign Research Poll, an online omnibus opinion survey conducted among 1,970 adult Canadians, the majority, close to 6 in 10, agree that the federal government should intervene in the housing market in urban centres to cool down prices (58%). This is especially the case in the City of Toronto (64%), and also in the GTA surrounding Toronto (62%). Those under 35 are especially keen to see this kind of intervention (18 to 24 - 69%, 25 to 34 - 70%), as are those in Ontario and BC (62%), Liberals (62%) and New Democrats (68%). The least wealthy agree (62%) as do the wealthy ($80K to $100K - 62%).

When asked to specify which of four actions should be taken by the federal government to cool

market prices, the preferred solution is a foreign buyers’ tax (39%), followed distantly by a tax

on vacant homes (13%) and tightening mortgage lending requirements (11%). Few opt for

raising interest rates (5%). About one tenth say to do nothing (7%) or do something other than

the four options listed (9%), while about a sixth do not have an opinion (15%). A tax on vacant

homes is especially popular in Toronto (17%) and BC (22%).

“This is a clear indication of the severity of the housing affordability crisis for Canadians,

especially those in Toronto where government intervention is seen to be the solution. The

preferred intervention, a foreign buyers’ tax, however, may sound appropriate but may not

be the answer to the core problem,” said Eli Yufest, CEO of Campaign Research. Eli may be

reached at or at (647) 931-4025 ext 109


This online poll was conducted between April 3 and 11, 2017, among a sample of 1,970 adult

Canadians. A probability sample of this size would have a margin of error of plus or minus 2%,

19 times out of 20.

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