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One third of Marijuana users consume at least one a week, one fifth of users do so daily

In the first national wave of the Campaign Research Poll, a randomly sampled, representative telephone survey conducted among 1457 Canadian voters, about one fifth of past-year users consume marijuana or cannabis daily (20%), and more than a third use it more often than once a week (38%). On average, past-year users consume marijuana about 100 days out of the year (on average, 102 days out of the year). Frequency of use is higher among males (128 days on average) than among females (45 days, on average), among Gen X past-year users (45 to 54 - 127 days), by far and away in BC (247 days out of the year, on average). Those in lower income groups partake more often ($20K to $40K - 220 days, on average) than others, as do Green Party voters (130 days a year, on average).

Marijuana is smoked in a joint most often,

One half of past-year users smoke cannabis in a cigarette or joint (48%) most frequently,

followed by smoking it in a pipe or a bong (25%). About one in 12 eat or drink their cannabis

(8%) and 1 in 7 use a vapourizer (15%). A very small number use some other method (4%).

Smoking pot in a joint is most characteristic of Gen X users (63%). Smoking in a bong or pipe is

the province mainly of the youngest (under 35 - 49%), while using a vapourizer is common to

the oldest past-year users (24%). Younger users are the most likely to eat or drink cannabis

products (35 to 44 - 19%). Males (16% are more likely than females (10%) to use a vapourizer.

Smoking marijuana in a pipe or bong is much more likely in Quebec (33%) than elsewhere,

while Ontarians are less likely than others to smoke joints (18%). Eating or drinking cannabis is

popular in Alberta (44%).

One in seven users have purchased pot at a dispensary

About 1 in 25 Canadian users have purchased marijuana or cannabis at a dispensary (4%), and

this is most common among Gen X users (7%), males (8%) rather than females (2%), in BC, once

again, far ahead of the rest of Canada (14%), those in a higher income group ($60K to $100K -

9%) and among Green Party voters (13%).

Significant usage levels for seniors, Conservative voters

In terms of the oldest, as many as one fifth use it daily (21% - on average, 105 days out of the

year). Seniors are more likely to say they use a method not listed (18%) or to use a vapourizer

(24%). About 1 in 100 Canadian seniors have purchased from a dispensary (1%). In terms of

political affiliation, about one seventh of past-year Conservative users consume daily (13%) and

it is used, on average, 91 days out of the year. About 1 in 50 in total has purchased pot at a

dispensary (2%).

“While most opinion research in the field has focused on public acceptance of marijuana

legalization, we are more interested in examining consumer behaviour and usage of

cannabis, an area which has been underserved, considering the growth potential of this new

industry” said Eli Yufest, CEO of Campaign Research. Eli may be reached at or at (647) 931 4025, ext 109


This poll was conducted between February 3 and February 6, 2017, among a randomly selected

sample of 1457 Canadian voters. The poll was conducted by Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3%, 19 times out of 20.

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